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OxTS – NAVsuite software release

Software Releases January 30, 2015

This is the latest iteration of the OxTS’ all-in-one NAVsuite software. This exciting release contains the very first issue (beta) of the new real-time data display tool NAVdisplay. It also contains improvements to the OxTS gx/ix performance technology for improved RTK solutions, enhancements to NAVgraph visualization software to display triggers plus other important updates to the NAVconfig configuration software. A new software update is now available for our customers on a support contract. Here is a list of all updates:

180_180_NAVdisplayNEW! Fully configurable real-time display software NAVdisplay

OxTS are pleased to announce a major re-development of its real-time display software.  NAVdisplay, the successor of Enginuity, comes as a beta version in this release. At first glance, NAVdisplay brings with it a very modern and refreshing look as well as a fully customisable interface, allowing your creative side to flourish with many new design(s) to suit your needs. Its core design allows us to rapidly add new modules of test software and bring new functionality to fruition very quickly. In short, your ideas will feed the software’s continual development. Click here to read…


180_180_gxixRTKNEW! gx/ix™ RTK – Quick RTK relock after obstructions

The gx/ix™ RTK optional upgrade has recently been improved and now includes inertially-aided RTK relock capabilities. When satellite signals are lost after obstructions like bridges or trees, RTK lock can be reacquired in a matter of seconds by using the inertial measurements to aid ambiguity resolution. Read more…


NEW! Improved analysis software – NAVgraph

In line with our continuous enhancement of NAVgraph, the count of trigger events can now be displayed from NCOM or XCOM files.

With this release, NAVgraph will be fully compatible with the RT-Range CAN acquisition functionality.

NEW! Configuration software – NAVconfig
With this release of NAVconfig we now have:
•    Support for xNAV500 and xNAV550 products
•    Support for survey grade GNSS receivers within the Inertial+ range of products.

NEW! Enginuity updates
Update software to recognise the new survey grade GNSS receiver for the Inertial+ range of products.


All new products are shipped with the latest software release free of charge. Customers on a support contract get access to the latest software and firmware as they are released, meaning their products stay up to date with the latest features and functionality.
For more information about any of the features listed, or to find out more about a support contract, contact us now.

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