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OxTS unveils new self-contained base station for centimetre level accuracy in all-weather

Product News November 18, 2015

The new RT-Base S from Oxford Technical Solutions represents a complete redesign of their self-contained portable base station, which can be used to achieve centimetre level GNSS accuracy in all weathers. The IP65-rated system is now smaller and lighter, while also providing a number of enhanced features to make it both easier to use and quicker to setup in real-world applications.


In response to customer feedback, the RT-Base S is now 22% lighter at 11.9kg, and has shrunk by almost 20%. This helps when transporting lots of equipment in a car prior to a test, or when it is necessary to fly equipment out to a test location. However, OxTS engineers haven’t compromised on performance. The RT-Base S can still achieve centimetre level accuracy in all-weather thanks to its IP65 protection and wide-range of operating temperatures.

As well as transmitting differential corrections in one of six popular formats via the built-in radio modem, the RT-Base S also outputs corrections via Ethernet. If the RT Base S supplied with an optional Wi-Fi module instead of radio modems, it’s able to transmit corrections via Wi-Fi, which is particularly useful to customers using our vehicle-to-vehicle RT-Range system; or when local restrictions prevent the use of radio modems.

For complete piece of mind, as well as broadcasting corrections for use in real-time, the RT-Base S also logs corrections internally for later download. The ability to log corrections means that if for some reason a rover fails to receive corrections during testing—perhaps because it has been driven out of range or the signal is being blocked by buildings—they can simply be download later and applied in post-processing. Without this logging ability, the test would either need to be repeated, or the data from every rover in the test would need to be post-processed using an independent correction source.

Setting up the RT-Base S is now even easier as the system is capable of loading up to 10 previously used locations from memory, or it can average a position over a user-definable period of time. Surveyed locations can be entered and set-up via the free configuration software, and once powered-up, the batteries in the RT-Base S will keep it going for a minimum of 24 hours, even in temperatures as low as -10 °C.

As you would expect, the RT-Base S works seamlessly with OxTS’ extensive range of GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems, but is not limited to them. In fact, the RT-Base S can be set-up to work with most GNSS receivers capable of receiving DGNSS corrections. This makes the RT-Base S an incredibly useful and powerful piece of equipment for anyone who needs a stand-alone, portable, all-weather base station that can be turned-on and forgotten about.

For more information on the RT-Base S, or to arrange a demonstration, please email the OxTS sales team at, or contact your local OxTS representative.


OxTS is a leading worldwide supplier of GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems to the automotive, survey and UAV industries. Their products are known for producing accurate and reliable georeferenced position and orientation and speed measurements. The company also produces base-stations and a number of other accessories that are useful in the acquisition of those measurements.

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