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OxTS unveils new post-processing software with latest NAVsuite release

Software Releases February 6, 2018

OxTS is proud to announce the latest version of NAVsuite, version 2.0 which includes the first wide release of NAVsolve which allows our customers to reprocess and improve data collected with their inertial navigation system. NAVsolve is our brand new, next generation post-processing software which is included as an open beta and released alongside the existing RT Post-Process. NAVsolve beta has been through extensive testing and a closed beta testing period already. It can replicate all the functionality of RT Post-Process in addition to some new features.



What’s new

  • Preview page – view plots of the raw data before processing, allowing quick checks of the quality without having to process the whole file first
  • Work with multiple files – you can load multiple files at once and quickly switch between them to view, configure, and process multiple files at a time
  • Improved base station information – adding base station files now displays more information like distance from the data and location coordinates
  • Improved export GUI – visual interactive GUI to select the portion of the file to export
  • Scope for more to come – we couldn’t fit everything we wanted into this first release, but NAVsolve is more flexible and ready for future developments compared to RT Post-Process
  • You can read more about NAVsolve in this introduction article


What else in NAVsuite 2.0

As well as NAVsolve, there are a few other additions in the rest of NAVsuite:

  • New Add Measurements widget – the Add Measurements widget in NAVdisplay has been redesigned of a long list of measurements it’s more interactive and easier to configure with multiple streams
  • Pinpoint and Launchpad support in NAVconfig which means AB Dynamics customers can now find these products in our NAVconfig product selection


How to get it

From 6th February, all new products will be shipped with NAVsuite 2.0 on the included USB sticks. Existing customers will be able to download the latest release from the support site,

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