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RT-XLAN – reliable communication up to 1 km in RT-Range applications

Product News October 17, 2013

When testing ADAS systems with the RT-Range, the distance between vehicles can now be extended to 1 km with the new RT-XLAN. The RT-XLAN, which will become available later this month, is a long range radio that extends and improves the data integrity and communication between vehicles. The extended range is especially useful on larger test tracks and for ADAS tests where vehicles need to communicate reliably over a longer distance.

The standard RT-Range has a range up to about 200m in open environments where there is no interference. The RT-XLAN uses similar technology to the normal RT-Range, but the radios are specifically designed for outdoor use and have a robust, weatherproof design that can operate within a wide temperature range. They also feature a low-loss integrated N-type RF connector replacing the need for radio to antenna connections that can become a weak link.


The RT-XLAN is a very low latency product that is capable of reliably improving the data communication throughout the range and also extend the distance between vehicles up to 1 km. Powerful suction cups ensure quick and secure mounting onto all types of vehicles with a flat surface – even on aluminium, glass and fibre-glass roofs.

It comes pre-configured to plug straight into an existing RT-Range system, is RoHS compliant, FCC approved and licence free for most countries.

To find out more about the RT-XLAN, please contact our Sales department or your local representative.

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