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OxTS RT-Range S software release – ADAS testing to Euro NCAP AEB VRU protocol

Software Releases November 2, 2015

As ADAS testing is getting more complex, car manufacturers need a reliable measurement system for complicated tests including multiple vehicles in realistic traffic scenarios. The OxTS RT-Range S is one of the most trusted and comprehensive solutions used globally for demanding ADAS tests such as NHTSA FCW, LDW or Euro NCAP AEB.

New software and firmware release
OxTS has now further increased the system’s extensive feature list by adding the ability to realistically recreate the shape of Hunter vehicles (VUT) and Targets with up to 24 points. The RT-Range S automatically calculates range measurements to the nearest polygon point.


Using this tool, you can place a virtual polygon shape of up to 24 points around any vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist or fixed point to be used in any given test scenario – measuring range, time-to-collision, visibility etc. all from the nearest polygon point on the Hunter vehicle, to the nearest point of any of the target vehicles.


Crucially, this additional feature now makes it possible to easily conduct a number of ADAS system tests using the RT-Range system all to the vehicle front end virtual profiling definitions within the latest EuroNCAP AEB VRU protocols.


  • Euro NCAP AEB VRU pedestrian and cyclist tests
  • Park assist validation


Custom, user-definable points around the hunter vehicle is the latest addition to a long list of features such as driving robot interface, tracking of multiple targets which can be other vehicles, pedestrians and feature point targets like road signs, CAN data acquisition, open road ADAS testing with DGPS corrections via NTRIP, car-to-pedestrian testing with the RT-Backpack etc.

Customers on a support contract can now benefit from this feature. Please contact Support or your local representative.

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