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OxTS summer internship

Get support from our experts to boost your career

How do you want to spend your summer?

If you aim to add valuable skills to your CV, speak to us!

OxTS was founded by two Oxford graduates who spotted a gap in the market for a land-based inertial navigation system (INS). Now, 25 years later, OxTS has close to 100 employees – an ideal size, with an abundance of knowledge experts but where we know each other well as individuals and not as numbers. The founders are strongly committed to funding research and development, and we invest 50% or more of the annual engineering budget in innovation.

OxTS customers include almost every well-known car manufacturer and many Silicon Valley-based autonomous car developers. We are driven to discover ever-better ways to give our customers the ability to accurately measure position, time, orientation, and dynamics in all environments. Our company culture welcomes ideas from everyone – and supports them with resources and help from other friendly experts. We believe that life is best when we all succeed – and we grow when you grow.

Our experts will be glad to support you whether you have your own ‘passion project’ you’re desperate to start to work on, a project already started that ran out of time and resources you want to pick back up, or you want to work on something innovative from our current portfolio.

Interested? Fill in the form below to apply! (We are accepting applications until 31st March 2023, however places are limited so apply asap to avoid disappointment.)

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Ashburn, US