OxTS supports TUfast’s driverless car development

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November 1, 2019

OxTS RT4003 supports the Technical University of Munich in their bid for driverless car success

 The TUfast racing team is the student racing team of the Technical University (TU) of Munich. Every year, students from all engineering disciplines come together to develop an autonomous racing car and an electric racing car. Races take place across Europe throughout the year with a specific category for driverless cars being in place since 2016.

Along with our German Partners DTC Solutions GmbH, OxTS have been proud sponsors of the autonomous racing car team in the Formula Student competition in Europe since 2018.

TUfast racing team, 2019

OxTS provides an RT4003 Inertial Navigation System and Base Station to equip the autonomous racing car team with precise localisation. This enables not only mapping of pre-planned routes but also combines speed and acceleration measurements for real-time navigation. In addition, the car uses LiDAR and camera technology with software algorithms tuned by the engineers, themselves, to maximise performance in challenging environments.

The RT4003 Inertial Navigation Systems helps with:

  • Aligning LiDAR data to vehicle position using the INS-offset feature
  • Eliminating time stamp distortion associated with each LiDAR scanned point and associated vehicle position
  • Overlaying vehicle position relative to pre-mapped routes
  • Stable position updates (low noise comes from combined IMU/GNSS engine) during high dynamic driving manoeuvres with high lateral and longitudinal acceleration.

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Follow the team’s progress throughout 2019/20. If you’re involved in a racing team and want to get in touch for sponsorship opportunities, email the OxTS team at info@oxts.com

The db019 Driverless racing car sponsored by OxTS uses the RT4003 for localisation in driverless mode.