Advanced DevKit

OxTS to release new advanced development kit for integrators

Product News

March 1, 2018

OxTS are pleased to announce the release of its new MEMS IMU Advanced Developer’s Kit (ADK) for system integrators.

Built around a new performance platform, the ADK has been designed so that system integrators can experience the full gamut of OxTS’s INS capabilities. The oversized design allows an integrator to explore and select the modular elements that are important to their specific needs which OxTS will then convert into a bespoke size and performance customer solution.

The ADK, available upon request for short-term evaluation, includes the OxTS IMU, primary and secondary receivers, antennas, 2.4 & 5GHz wireless support, on-board storage, ethernet switch and an array of connections. In addition to being easy to set-up and use, a member of the OxTS application engineering team will liaise with system integrators to ensure that they can quickly establish the suitability and configuration options that best fit their development needs.

Contact to request an evaluation.