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xNAV and xOEM series now with increased data rate

Product News July 15, 2015

300_200_xNAV_IncreasedHzA new feature code for xNAV devices significantly increases their base logging and output rates from the default 100 Hz to a maximum of 250 Hz—matching the speed of our other, much larger products. The update allows the IMU rate to be set to 100, 200 or 250 Hz, and comes in response to the number of users interfacing xNAVs with scanning equipment; many of which commonly use a standard rate of 200 Hz.

In the xNAV200 and xNAV250 models, which have limited real-time output, the option dictates what rate the data is logged at. The NAVsuite software package can then be used to post-process and view the data, and even re-process the data with a different rate. For the xNAV500 and xNAV550 models, as well as setting the logging rate, the option also affects the rate at which the data is output. With an Ethernet connection, all navigation data can be output at up to the full 250 Hz with minimal latency.

The upgrade will be available on all new xNAV systems. Existing users wanting access to the upgrade will just need a simple firmware upgrade which can be applied in the field. Users on a support contract are entitled to a free firmware upgrade, which will also bring all the other great enhancements we’ve added in the latest NAVsuite release. For more information on the full list of features included in this release, see the NAVsuite announcement. For more information on a high speed xNAV or to arrange a demonstration, contact us now.

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