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OxTS releases xNAV200 – its smallest and lightest GPS-aided INS

Product News August 1, 2012

220_xNAV200OxTS launches a brand new generation of its successful GPS-aided inertial navigation systems (INS). The newly developed xNAV200 is a very compact, small and lightweight INS, perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter.

xNAV200 includes dual-antenna GPS and tightly coupled INS in one compact and powerful package. The tiny system measures reliable, continuous position data at 1m positional accuracy. It also logs highly accurate heading (0.15°), roll/pitch with 0.05° accuracy and many other parameters at 100Hz. xNAV200 will have 24-hour data logging capabilities with a post-processing suite.

It is about the size of a computer mouse and weighs less than 400g. xNAV200 offers highest accuracy and reliability which makes the small sensor ideal for use on any unmanned aerial or ground vehicle and other weight constrained applications.

The cost-effective GPS/INS from OxTS will open the doors for customers who require highly reliable and precise measurements but are faced with size and weight constraints.

OxTS, Oxford Technical Solutions, is a leading manufacturer of inertial and GPS navigation systems for measuring motion, position and orientation. The company has been successfully designing and manufacturing its range of high accuracy GPS-aided inertial navigation systems for almost 15 years. Today the OxTS inertial and GPS navigation systems are used for a wide range of applications. They are not only used for automotive testing and vehicle safety, where the OxTS products are leading the way, but also for other applications where accurate position and orientation information is essential. The GPS-aided inertial systems are invaluable for applications such as scanning road profiles, airborne laser scanning, or UAV’s.

Click here to learn more about the xNAV200.
Please note: The specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice.
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