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OxTS – Your OEM partner for INS/GNSS integration

Product News July 22, 2014













Our goal is to help make our customers even more successful. We do this by combining the best of high precision GNSS receivers and our world-class inertial navigation technology. Being a technology driven company, we employ some of the brightest minds in our R&D department. As a result we can offer outstanding technology and algorithms that make the OxTS GNSS/INS products unique.

Continuous position and high accuracy orientation data
Our OEM systems provide a complete position and orientation solution.  Our systems output smooth, stable position measurements with up to 1cm accuracy, as well as precise roll/pitch (0.03°) and heading (0.05°).

Trusted and tested in many markets: automotive, survey, marine, air
With over 15 years’ experience in GNSS-aided inertial navigation technology, OxTS systems are widely used and respected in many applications all around the world.

One box, turnkey solution
Combining GNSS receivers, an inertial measurement unit, internal storage and a real-time on-board processor, the OEM systems deliver a full position and attitude solution in a single compact enclosure.

Quick installation, Simple operation
Our systems are quick to install and easy to use, saving you time to concentrate on more important tasks.

Very competitive prices for larger volumes
We have developed a volume-based pricing and delivery structure to meet the needs of system integrators.

Wide range of performance levels to suit different applications
The OEM series comprises 10 different models designed to meet a wide range of requirements.

Maintain your own brand identity
Our OEM products can be supplied in a neutral housing, allowing you to maintain your own brand.

Full software suite included
All systems come with an extensive software suite so your customers can post-process and plot your data at no additional cost.

Flexible, simple integration
A number of output formats including standard NMEA messages mean the OEM systems can seamlessly integrate with external sensors such as LIDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras.

Customisable to suit you
Our OEM systems have a range of optional extras that you can choose from to increase the functionality and customise the systems to suit your application. Wheel speed odometer input to further reduce drift in GNSS blackouts, and post-processing of RINEX files for 2 cm accuracy are just some of the options available. There are also dual antenna models and GLONASS compatible models to choose from.

ITAR free
All of the components are ITAR free for maximum flexibility when operating in multiple countries.

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