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OxTS—your partner for bespoke application projects

Company News November 8, 2016

Our goal is to help make our customers even more successful. At OxTS we want to continuously improve and give our users the best performance and experience possible . We have a dedicated Application Engineering department that works directly with customers to undertake custom engineering projects allowing you to always get more out of your OxTS product. Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer needing to adapt our products for a specialist test, a mobile mapping company looking to integrate our INS with other on-board sensors or you need a hardware adaptation for your autonomous vehicle project—we can help.

As a technology driven company, we employ some of the brightest minds in our Application Engineering department. This ensures we offer world-class inertial navigation and GNSS expertise backed up with the skills required for successful implementation of bespoke application projects. So, by utilising our application engineering team, you will be free to concentrate on what you do best while we create a custom solution for you.


Our Application Engineering team can undertake engineering projects to integrate OxTS products and board-sets within existing or future systems; integrate third-party products (for example GNSS receivers, sensors, cameras…) with an existing OxTS INS or boardset; or help customers using OxTS hardware by developing time-saving software and hardware for a specific test procedure or measurement.

Why should you use us?350_appengpr

Expertise/Technical strength

Variety of experience

Tight project management/Processes

Partnership/ Named contact

Minimise financial overheads



Our dedicated Application Engineering team is here to help you. Whatever your problem – talk to us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Here is how we work:

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