RT4000 high-end GNSS-aided inertial navigation system

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This is now a non-preferred product

Visit the RT3000 v3 product page to find out about highest performance GNSS/INS with increased output rate for highly dynamic applications.

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Precision reference

Record a complete 3D motion and dynamics profile with the GNSS + inertial sensor fusion. The RT4000 provides smooth, robust and repeatable outputs in real-time with low latency. The fully integrated high-grade MEMS IMU and RTK capable GNSS receivers record a comprehensive list of measurements including position, velocity, acceleration and orientation.

Maximum repeatability

When performing complex test scenarios like slalom lane changes or multi-vehicle ADAS tests, repeatability is important to be able to properly verify the results. Driving robots for steering, throttle and braking control are often used to eliminate any potential variations from human drivers. The RT4000 can connect with driving robots like AB Dynamics via Ethernet to provide accurate path following capability.

Fit your budget and application

A range of model variants and upgrades to choose from ensures there’s always an RT product suitable for you. The RT4100 series offers a lower cost option when high dynamic motion analysis is more important than absolute position accuracy. The RT4002 has RTK functionality for centimetre-level accuracy. Options such as dual antenna, GLONASS and CAN acquisition can be added at any time so if your requirements change, the RT4000 upgrade path can save reinvesting in a completely new system.

Reliable data in difficult environments

Open-road testing faces issues of limited GNSS in urban canyons, under tree cover and obstructions like bridges and tunnels. Supporting technologies in the RT4000 help maintain the best possible performance in all environments. Minimise position drift during outages with combined forwards/backwards processing in our free post-processing application NAVsolve. Add a wheelspeed odometer for extra velocity updates in the Kalman filter to help when stationary or slow moving. Ensure as much of your data as possible is within spec with our gx/ix tight-coupling technology, which speeds up RTK reacquisition times and can maintain RTK level performance even in high multipath environments and poor satellite visibility.

One box, turnkey solution

One tool to combine multiple functions, no need to complicate tests with many separate pieces of equipment. The RT4000 integrates GNSS, IMU, onboard data logging, real-time processing, and with the CAN acquisition upgrade can become a central data acquisition system for other CAN signals from the vehicle such as steering angle and throttle position.

Take to the open roads

Testing in a controlled environment like a proving ground with a permanent base station and a radio link to transmit differential corrections to the RT4000 can be simple enough. But NTRIP and Terrastar-C support make it easier than ever to venture out on the open roads. Corrections are supplied via satellite or mobile data connection meaning you aren’t tied to a base station and can still achieve centimetre-level accuracy.


Vehicle dynamics testing

Slip angle measurement

Steering robot guidance (AB Dynamics recommended)

Brake testing

NCAP AEB testing

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) testing – NHTSA FMVSS126

Dynamic lane change – ISO3888


RT4000 user manual

RT4000 datasheet

RT4000 quick start guide


ModelsPosition (m)Velocity (km/h)Pitch / Roll (deg)Heading (deg)Slip angle at 50 km/h (deg)Dual antenna


High-grade MEMS IMU for precision motion analysis

0.15° slip angle accuracy at 50 km/h in all road conditions

Survey-grade GPS/GLONASS receivers for ultimate precision

Low latency, 250 Hz real-time update rate

CAN, Ethernet, and serial outputs interface with acquisition systems

Free software suite with real-time monitoring and test verification

Rugged IP65 rated enclosure