Low cost entry level GNSS/INS for low dynamics automotive testing

Vehicle dynamics testing on a budget

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New GNSS/INS for low-dynamics automotive testing

The RT500 is our new entry level GNSS/INS product. It combines the high data rate and robustness of inertial navigation systems with the absolute precision of GNSS data at our lowest price point. It provides robust, precise and accurate real-time position, orientation and velocity measurements even in poor GNSS environments meaning it is widely used across the automotive industry for vehicle dynamics applications

Montitor data and send commands over Wi-Fi

The inclusion of an on-board Wi-Fi router in the next-generation RT allows for communication between a laptop and the INS. This convenient, time-saving feature further simplifies set-up and also allows the RT500 to be semi-permanently installed in an out-of-the-way location without impeding data access.


Data is output over Ethernet, serial, CAN and CAN-FD for real-time interfacing with Data Acquisition Systems. In addition, the RT500 can log external CAN signals such as throttle position and steering angle.

Real-time data with powerful post-processing

Measurements are displayed in real-time and logged internally for post-processing with over two days’ worth of data that can be collected. Our advanced post-processing algorithms minimise position drift and apply satellite corrections to further improve accuracy.


Vehicle dynamics testing

Performance testing

Brake testing

Coastdown tests

Low precision slip angle measurement


RT user manual

RT500 datasheet

RT quick start guide

Specification at a glance

ModelsPosition (m)Velocity (km/h)Pitch / Roll (deg)Heading (deg)Slip angle at 50 km/h (deg)Dual antenna




Tightly-coupled GNSS/INS

Up to 1 centimetre position accuracy, 0.2° slip angle accuracy

Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading

Real-time CAN, Ethernet and serial output at up to 250Hz