RT Post-process support for multiple base-stations improves productivity

300_GreatWallofChinaThe latest release of RT Post-process, our free post-processing software, now gives OxTS customers the ability to seamlessly reference multiple RINEX files for each file they post-process. This saves time and reduces the possibility of errors as users would otherwise need to manually join and manipulate files to achieve the same result.

The new feature is particularly useful for customers involved in surveying where the distance covered in a single test can be hundreds of kilometres. With rail survey data for example, RT Post process will maintain the highest possible accuracy by automatically selecting the closest available RINEX file. Customers operating with split RINEX files where a test crosses the UTC midnight boundary, will also benefit as the software automatically selects the correct RINEX data.

Achieving RTK integer accuracy using RINEX files has been a feature of OxTS software for some time, and our gx/ix algorithms are also able to take advantage of this information. When combined with forwards/backwards processing and the clever way in which our INS systems blend both inertial and GNSS data it ensures that customers achieve the best accuracy possible at all times—even when GNSS signal reception is poor or blocked.

RT Post-process is included as part of our NAVsuite software, which is supplied free-of-charge with all OxTS INS systems. The latest version includes all the software required by users to process, analyse and export their data, as well as the software required to configure each INS system. The new software will be made available to customers on support contracts in the normal way.

To find out how OxTS systems can solve your measurement requirements, or to request a demonstration please contact your regional representative or contact OxTS directly by emailing sale@oxts.com.