RT-Range software release – January 2013

Software Releases

January 14, 2013

We have made significant improvements to the RT-Range software and added many useful features. A new software update is now available which will include the following improvements:

180_180_FeaturePoints (1)Feature Point Technology in the RT-Range aids Traffic Sign Recognition development

Real-time testing of vision based ADAS sensors—capable of recognising road signs or traffic signals, just got a lot easier thanks to the new Feature Point technology from OxTS. The new technology checks if objects around it fall within an ADAS sensor’s scope. As soon as any Feature Point enters the sensor’s defined range (field of view), it instantly appears on the Real-Time Display software. Read more…


180_180_FixedPointPolygonRT-Range represents Fixed Points as polygons

The RT-Range can now represent existing Fixed Points as polygons which means the RT-Range Hunter vehicle can now “see” the real shape of stationary targets such as parked cars and other stationary objects. OxTS remains one of the only manufacturers of ADAS validation equipment that allows users to define stationary or moving targets such as cars, bikes and pedestrians as polygon shapes.Read more….



Multiple line files support in RT-Range

With the new RT-Range software it is easier than ever to view all the measurements from your RT-Range! The RT-Range has just become even more user-friendly with the introduction of multiple windows in the RT-Range Real-time Display. The user can now choose to have multiple windows each showing different measurements. Read more….



180_180_MultiWindowsMultiple windows show RT-Range measurements

It is now even quicker to get your ADAS tests completed with the RT-Range solution. RT-Range users can now select multiple line files and add them to the Map Creation Wizard by selecting the line files from Windows Explorer and drag and drop them onto the map. This is another useful feature of the RT-Range and saves our customers valuable time on the test track. Read more…


Summary of all software changes

We have worked hard over the last few months to improve the RT-Range software and to add useful, new features. This has been a big software release with many important changes to the RT-Range software. Some of these new features have been requested by our customers and leading ADAS engineers. The main ones are summarised here in our RT-Range software release newsletter. If you would like to read the full list of RT-Range software changes on our website, please click here…


180_180_BackpackTests with Pedestrians

Did you know that you can also track the position of pedestrians and cyclists with our unique RT-Backpack system? The portable RT-Backpack is an additional component for the RT-Range systems and specifically designed to offer a complete solution for pedestrian/motorcyclist detection and avoidance tests.
To read more about the RT-Backpack, click here…