RT-View software release February 2012

Software Releases

February 6, 2012

RT-View software improvements

RT-View is a powerful tool to visualise the information measured by your OxTS RT, RT-Range or Inertial+ system. As a result of customer feedback, we have updated the RT-View software and added some useful features that our customers on a support contract can now benefit from.

RT-View internationalisation

148_RT-ViewLanguagesRT-View now supports multiple languages. In addition to English, the software is also available in Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish. We expect to add even more languages in future software releases. Our users can select the required language from the drop-down menu at the bottom of RT-View. The translation of our software reflects our commitment to being a truly international company and shows our effort to make our products easy to use – anywhere in the world.


Improved Graph Configuration usability

148_Y-AxisConfigAll y-axes are enabled so the user can select a y-axis between 1 and 8 to plot a measurement. Measurements displayed are always in the same order as previously viewed (line number column on the measurement tab are not necessary and removed). New measurements added are listed at the bottom of the list and the same applies when new NCOM or RCOM files are loaded into the RT-View software.


GUI even more user-friendly

148_RTView_GuiThis RT-View software release also features a further GUI improvement:

          • Transfer of Display layout between display tabs
          • Improved region selection to work with multiple files
          • Added manage global template files button to tool bar
          • Added delete icons to display tabs



List of all RT-View software improvements

148_SoftwareChangesOur software department has worked hard over the last few months to improve the RT-View software and to add useful, new features for our customers. We have been adding many small software improvements which were requested by our customers. The main ones are summarised here in our RT-View software release newsletter. If you would like to read the full list of RT-View software changes on our website, please click here…»


Exhibitions & Events 2012

148_Exhibitions2012OxTS will exhibit its range of Inertial and GPS navigation systems at some of the major exhibitions in 2012. Take this chance to speak to your local representatives and see our latest product developments! See our popular RT systems for automotive testing as well as the RT-Range – the leading solution for ADAS testing. Our customers in the surveying and mapping business have the chance to speak to us about the Inertial+ systems during the ILMF in Denver and Intergeo in Germany. To see our list of exhibitions click here…»