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RT2004 – another cost-effective precision product

Product News June 30, 2010

OxTS proudly introduces the new RT2004 Inertial + GPS Navigation system, aimed primarily at engineers to test and develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and other functional safety systems. The RT2004 is ideal for testing FCW (forward collision warning), LDW (lane departure warning), parking assistance, automatic headlight dipping, ACC (adaptive cruise control) and other aids for drivers.

The RT2004 is built on the cost-effective RT2004 platform. Two models support either 100Hz or 250Hz update rates. Flexible outputs include Ethernet, RS-232 and CAN bus. The advantage of having one box containing the GPS, inertial measurement unit and processing, makes installation fast and reliable.

Not all products that combine GPS and inertial measurements together are equal. At OxTS we squeeze every ounce of performance from the GPS and the inertial sensors. We carefully compensate for the lever-arm between the GPS antenna and the inertial sensors. We run a high number of Kalman filter states in real-time at rates up to 33Hz, compared to the traditional 1Hz update rate. The outputs are direct from the inertial sensors, with GPS correcting when necessary, rather than using the inertial sensors to “fill in” the gaps between GPS measurements. These, and many other advanced techniques, distinguish the RT products from other competitive systems.

The feature-rich RT2004 inherits the long software development path from all the other RT products. Local co-ordinate outputs; roll and pitch measurements compared to a flat surface; legacy analogue outputs; internal logging; ABD robot output are just a few of the important features that make the RT series so popular.

The RT2004 uses the competitive GPS-Base-20G base-station. This flexible base-station can be set up in minutes and is suitable for road-side or permanent installations. Different radio models are available to cover most countries world-wide. Simple cabling allows the radio receiving differential corrections to take power through the RT2004.

Overall the RT2004 represents state-of-the-art technology, combined with rich features, at an extremely competitive price. For more information please visit the RT2004 webpage or contact your local sales representative.



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