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RT-Base is now compatible with GLONASS capable RT systems

Product News November 14, 2012

The RT-Base, our base station suitable for transmitting differential corrections to the RT systems, is now compatible with all GLONASS capable RT units (such as the RT2004, RT2002G, RT300xG or RT400xG).

The RT-Base firmware has now been changed, so that the differential correction format of the base station is configurable in the field, so it can be used with GLONASS and non-GLONASS RT units. Being able to use your GLONASS-capable RT with the RT-Base means you can now receive differential corrections on your RT which leads to more accurate results. The differential correction formats can be changed in a matter of seconds, saving you time if you have one base station but need to use different RT units (GLONASS and non-GLONASS) at different times.

The RT-Base firmware will allow the differential correction format to be selected from a choice of RTCA, RTCA2 and RTCMv3. Changing the differential correction format on your RT-Base is quick and easy. Just hold down the button for more than 5 seconds which enables you to navigate through the formats. After the button has been held down for 5 seconds, the display will indicate that the RT-Base is in “Diff Mode” (correction format selection mode) and will report the currently configured differential correction format (e.g. by showing one of “Select RTCA”, “Select RTCA2” or “Select RTCMv3”; every two seconds the differential format selection will cycle to the next differential format; when the button is released, the format being displayed will be selected and the display will show which format has been selected.

The RT-Base firmware will remember the last differential format configured, and restore this configuration on power-up.

Depending on your RT model, you can achieve up to 2cm position accuracy with our base stations.

Please note that different RT models are only compatible with some of the differential formats.

To read more about the RT-Base, please visit the RT-Base product pages.

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