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New! Rugged bag for your RT-Strut mounting pole

Product News June 25, 2012
200_StrutBagThe RT-Strut, our quick mounting pole for all RT and Inertial+ systems, now comes in a useful rugged bag. All new RT-Strut will be shipped with a free bag from 1st July.
The bag is custom made so it fits the RT-Strut perfectly and it makes it easy and convenient to carry and store your RT-Strut mounting pole after use. The bag has useful pockets to store away the mounting brackets, screws and any other tools you need on the test track.
The RT-Strut is our innovative pole to mount all OxTS inertial and GPS navigation systems in the car. The mounting pole ensures a quick and very rigid installation in any vehicle. It wedges between the floor and the roof of the car, normally in front of the back seat and across the transmission tunnel. A built-in spring provides the necessary force required to keep the RT-Strut in place. The RT-Strut uses a carbon fibre pole for an extremely stiff yet lightweight design.
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