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OxTS Inertial+GNSS solutions for automotive integrators.

Bespoke OEM offerings to support and enhance your products.


OxTS Integrated Solution™ 

If you’re designing a product for automotive testing, development or validation that requires precise position and motion, an OxTS Integrated Solution™ will ensure your customers acquire the vital data they need.

Our core expertise of sensor fusion with inertial technology is built into every one of our inertial navigation system (INS) products. On top of that, if you have specific requirements for your product, we’re happy to work with you and our Application Engineers will help implement those requirements into your bespoke OxTS system. Our generic aiding interface provides the ability to utilise different types of sensors with inertial technology instead of, or in combination with, GNSS information. We can provide you with hardware and software development kits to aid your product development.

Proven track record

OxTS systems are used and trusted by automotive manufacturers, tier one suppliers and testing bodies around the world.

By integrating an OxTS system into your product, your customers will gain access to the same performance and measurements that are used to set the NCAP safety rating standards, provide ground-truth reference for autonomous vehicles, guide robots and platforms on precise dynamic paths.

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Preferred inertial navigation system of driving robot and platform manufacturers worldwide.

Ensures consistency by using the same systems that NCAP, NHTSA and others specify in their test requirements.

Years of experience working closely with automotive development customers.

Dedicated Application Engineering team for custom projects.

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