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New Survey+ INS/GNSS launch announced

Product News October 4, 2013

OxTS is excited to announce the launch of our new Survey+ product line for our mobile mapping and survey customers later this month. The Survey+ is a compact, turnkey GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for providing stable, reliable and highly accurate position and orientation measurements.

The Survey+ is able to remove position jumps and measures continuous position data even in challenging GNSS environments. The system also outputs stable heading data as well as highly accurate roll and pitch measurements at high data rates of up to 250Hz. All measurements are available in real-time and the internal data logging means it can also be reprocessed post-mission. All Survey+ systems come with our OxTS software suite, which includes configuration software, real-time display, post-processing and graphical display software.

Position accuracy in difficult GNSS environments can be further improved with our combined forwards-backwards processing algorithm and our gx/ix tight coupling GPS algorithms. By processing the data forwards and backwards in time, then combining them optimally, the accuracy in difficult conditions can be improved. The gx/ix tight coupling algorithms allow us to reject poor satellite measurements and to update the inertial solution from GPS with fewer than 4 satellites, which both regularly occur in urban conditions. By using a wheel speed odometer we are able to improve the drift of the inertial navigation systems further.

The newly developed INS/GNSS system is designed for airborne laser scanning applications as well as road surveying, pavement inspection and other mobile mapping projects. It seamlessly integrates with other on-board sensors like aerial cameras, laser scanners or LIDAR technology making it an ideal geo-referencing solution.

All OxTS navigation systems are quick to install, easy to use and backed by our world-class technical support. For more information on how the Survey+ products can help your organisation achieve better results, please contact us today!

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