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Team AnnieWAY’s autonomous vehicle wins GCDC 2011

Company News May 29, 2011

Congratulations Team AnnieWAY!

140_AnnieWayTeam AnnieWAY of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany won the first Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) which took place in the Netherlands from 14th – 15th May. Onboard the autonomous vehicle was the RT3003, a compact GPS-aided inertial navigation system which provides invaluable position and orientation measurements.

The fully autonomous vehicle showed the best cooperative driving result in an exciting international driving challenge against ten other teams. Team AnnieWAY’s vehicle is equipped with steering, braking, accelerator and gearshift actuators. It is also equipped with a high definition laser scanner and multiple cameras on the roof of the vehicle to provide stereoscopic vision. Highly accurate position and orientation data is provided by the compact OxTS RT3003 measurement system. The GPS-aided inertial navigation system is able to output high precision position information which is invaluable for the autonomous vehicle. Position measurements are continuous and jump-free with the RT3003, even in tree obstructed or urban environments. The dual antenna GPS ensures accurate heading information even when the vehicle is driving slowly, for example when approaching an intersection.

200_AnnieWayatGCDCWith this set-up, AnnieWAY could navigate reliably and without human intervention through a range of predetermined traffic scenarios both in urban and highway situations.

 To read AnnieWAY’s Team Blog which was written during the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, click here…




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