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Carhs: Taking ADAS Testing Indoors

Taking ADAS Testing Indoors

OxTS is the industry leader for inertial navigation, providing the accurate measurements needed for all ADAS testing and validation with our RT-Range and RT3000.

As ADAS rules and regulations are changing and adapting to new autonomous technology, we are now providing a solution for those who want to take ADAS testing indoors, with our Pozyx 2GAD indoor positioning solution.

Needing accurate indoor position data for their new, purpose-built multi-storey car park test facility, HORIBA MIRA’s ASSURED CAV team looked for a bespoke solution. They worked with the OxTS Engineering team, OxTS channel partner, Datron Technology, and OxTS technology partner, Pozyx.

The result is a robust, ultra-wideband-aided solution that offers indoor positioning accuracy, to within five centimetres, complete with AB Dynamics integrations.


Indoor positioning solution for the development of Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) systems.

In March 2021, OxTS delivered its first indoor positioning solution on the second level of HORIBA MIRA’s ASSURED CAV Parking facility.

This new testbed is a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built multistorey car park for the development and testing of automated valet parking (AVP) and other ADAS systems, such as park assist.

In this case study we set out the technical detail behind this indoor positioning project; the challenges, the requirements and the solution.

After reading, you will:

  • Understand the motivation, scope and requirements behind HORIBA MIRA’s indoor positioning project.
  • Be familiar with the indoor positioning solution; it’s capability, components and future developments.

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