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Test more sensors with Multiple Sensor Point

Product News July 30, 2019

The complexity of advanced safety and driver-assist systems is increasing. Multiple Sensor Point lets you test more complex scenarios in real-time, so providing faster results and a simplified process.

To support the growing complexity of ADAS features, the number and variety of sensors and cameras will continue to increase. These systems must all be tested. As a result, the number and complexity of test scenarios will also grow.

In this webinar, we illustrate how our Multiple Sensor Point capability allows you to validate 12 sensor points on the vehicle under test simultaneously and in real-time. Furthermore, these sensors can track different feature points at a range of up to 200m, all of which are configurable.

Alongside the new Multiple Sensor Point configuration come other user interface enhancements in the software. These include easier polygon creation and improved “live” visualisation of sensors and cameras under test.

If you have an RT Range S Hunter, you can purchase a firmware upgrade from your local OxTS Channel Partner. Alternatively, email for more information or a quotation.

For additional information on Multiple Sensor Points, we have a leaflet for you to download.


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