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Two-month test of xNAV200 proves its capabilities

Product News April 2, 2014

305_xNAVtest_TreecoverSize has no bearing on ability as our latest test of the xNAV200 proves. The xNAV200 is our smallest and lightest GPS-aided inertial navigation device—designed for UAV applications that require sub-metre accuracy, but at a cost-effective price. In this real-world evaluation we used an xNAV200 to survey the same road-trip over a two-month period, taking in many conditions from open-sky motorways to narrow tree-lined roads. We then compared the data sets to a reference line to evaluate the lateral error in position at any point. As expected, even with the driver’s inability to precisely repeat the same line on different days, the xNAV200 clearly performed within specifications (90 cm CEP), and very likely achieved closer to 60 cm CEP—although no reference was available for this. The full technical report can be found here.

Image © Google Earth Pro

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