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Updated NCOM decoders

Software Releases October 1, 2010

We have released a new and improved version of the C code drivers, which can be used to decode the NCOM output of the RT and Inertial+ products. There are no specific changes to the main measurements from NCOM but there are improvements to some of the status messages. The drivers are updated to include the latest features of the RT and Inertial+ firmware.

This version of the C code drivers is in regular use at OxTS. Most of our software uses a C++ implementation of the drivers but we are using these C drivers in our software test platform. This is a step change from earlier versions which were created specifically for customers and were not regularly tested.

Most of the changes to the drivers are small corrections or changes to make the drivers more compatible across a wide variety of compilers and platforms. The standard integer definitions have been updated and code that generates specific warnings on some compilers has been changed.

The drivers are now aware of the latest GPS receivers for the Inertial+: Topcon’s GB-500 and NavCom’s Sapphire. The accelerometer scale factors can be decoded from versions of the blended navigation system that support these as Kalman filter states. The fields that list what features are available in the hardware are present, though these may not be correctly configured in older RT products.

The drivers have the same programming interface as the previous version and they can be compiled in with little or no changes to other software. The latest version of the drivers is available for download on the documentation page, here… For more information on the C code NCOM drivers please contact support.


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