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Multiple ADAS sensor validation made easy

Product News April 30, 2019

This new video shows how, with new Multiple Sensor Points capability, you can validate up to 12 ADAS sensor points at the same time. This not only means you can run more, more complex test scenarios in real time. By testing multiple sensor points at once, rather than individually, you save significant time on the proving ground. Our new video explains how.

Multiple Sensor Points capability gives you additional test measurements over previous systems.

    • range between sensor and closest point on polygon target
    • percentage of sensor view occupied by the target
    • percentage of target visible to the sensor

These measurements are logged internally when a target enters a sensor’s detection area. They are also output via CAN and Ethernet in real time along with RT-Range’s existing measurements, so they can be logged by external data acquisition equipment.

You can read more about Multiple Sensor Point testing here, or complete the request form for more information.

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