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Webinar (in Chinese):
How to get the best positioning results in open road testing

Webinars August 26, 2020 webinar

This webinar will be in Chinese.



Join Chen Liangyu, Support Engineer at OxTS, to know more about how to obtain optimal positioning solutions in open road testing.


Support from OxTS: the inertial navigation (INS) experts

We recommend this session for anyone who is involved in open road testing for ADAS or autonomous driving.



After attending, you’ll:



– Understand the challenges of collecting position data in poor GNSS environments, with real examples.



– Know how to capture accurate position data in challenging GNSS environments.



– Receive answers to any questions you have regarding the RT3000 v3 and how it performs on the open road.

– 获取您对于公共道路测试执行方面任何问题的专业回答


This webinar was held on Wednesday 26th August at 19:00 hrs (Beijing time) (12:00 hrs BST).



If you missed this session, you can watch a recording via this link.





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