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Webinar (in Chinese):
How to use an RT correctly

Webinars May 15, 2020 Webinar

This webinar will be presented in Chinese.



Join Sun Wen, Support Engineer at OxTS, for an introduction into how to perform a best practice installation and configuration of your OxTS RT device.

加入OxTS孙文的研讨会,了解安装和配置OxTS RT设备经验,让RT

Support from OxTS China


We recommend this session for new users who want to get familiar with RT installation and configuration, for everyday use.



After attending, you’ll:


  • Be familiar with how to install and setup an OxTS INS, using NAVconfig.
  • 熟悉OxTS惯导安装,以及NAVconfig的使用。
  • Get answers to any questions you have regarding installation and setup.
  • 安装和设置相关问题的解答。
  • Be prepared to perform an installation and setup with confidence.
  • 为熟练安装和设置RT做准备。


We ran this session twice in May 2020, to enable our Chinese audience to attend when most convenient for them.



  • Friday 15th May at 13:00 hrs (BST)
  • 5月15日星期五 晚上8点(北京时间)
  • Monday 25th May at 13:00 hrs (BST) *Please note the date of this webinar has changed
  • 请注意,该研讨会时间已改至 北京时间5月25日 周一晚8点


If you missed this session, you can watch a recording via this link.




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