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xNAV250 – Latest addition to miniature INS range

Product News April 30, 2015

300_200_xNAVfamilyThe xNAV series of high-grade miniature inertial navigation systems from OxTS has a new addition for users requiring maximum performance on a tight budget. The new xNAV250 uses the same survey-grade dual frequency GNSS receivers and custom MEMS IMU as the recently released xNAV550, for centimetre-level position accuracy and precise orientation and true heading. The only difference is the xNAV250 has limited real-time output, instead just logging the navigation on the internal storage for downloading and viewing post-mission. A 1PPS signal and select NMEA messages are still available for synchronisation purposes in real-time, but for the full 100 Hz navigation and trajectory information, the OxTS NAVsuite post-processing software can be used which is included at no extra cost.

The xNAV250 offers exceptional value while maintaining great performance. For many applications like corridor mapping and precision agriculture with UAV based LiDAR platforms, a real-time solution is not necessary and the xNAV250 provides one of the best price/performance ratios on the market. With a quick and simple upgrade path to the xNAV550, it can also provide a low cost point of entry and be easily upgraded in the future if your requirements change.

To find out more about the xNAV series, visit the webpage or contact our sales team. We also have demo systems available so book a free demonstration to start evaluating the xNAV250 now.

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