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OxTS Georeferencer – now ready for any INS

What’s OxTS Georeferencer?OxTS Georeferencer

OxTS’ proprietary software tool, OxTS Georeferencer, enables users to combine INS navigation data with raw LiDAR data to create a georeferenced pointcloud. The stress-free process produces LAS pointcloud files which can be viewed in many third-party LiDAR software packages.

What’s new?

Up until now, OxTS customers have been able to take full advantage of the benefits of OxTS Georeferencer alongside any of their OxTS inertial navigation systems (INS). However, customers who had invested in INS solutions from alternative providers missed out on the suite of tools OxTS Georeferencer provides – such as the Boresight Calibration tool which eliminates ‘double-vision’, minimises blurring and maximises precision, in minutes.

But now, we’ve unlocked this powerful software package so that customers can use any INS with OxTS Georeferencer.


OxTS Georeferencer is now UNLOCKED!   REQUEST A DEMO

What’s next?

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