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Target RT status on CAN bus

Software Releases March 24, 2011

220_CANbusRT-RangeThe RT Inertial+GPS navigation systems output many status messages on the CAN bus. These give information that can confirm that everything is working properly, increasing the confidence that the test results are valid. In the new version of the RT-Range software the status messages are transferred to the RT-Range and output on the CAN bus of the RT-Range.

This work has been made more difficult because it is not clear how to adjust the data rate of the status messages or to know what to do when the wireless LAN drops a packet. The solution we have chosen is a simple one. When packets are not selected by the user, or when they are not received at the hunter, then the status output will not be output. This allows the user to save CAN bus identifiers but it does not allow status messages to be transmitted faster from the RT-Range than they would be from the RT.

The target messages on the CAN bus have been added in response to requests from several customers. Requests like this are key to the success of our software support program, which makes sure that customers get the data that they need. Customers who have purchased a support contract will have the software sent to them soon through their representative or direction from support at OxTS.



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