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Webinar: What are the error factors that affect Pointcloud accuracy – and how can you avoid or mitigate them?

Webinars May 14, 2020 Webinar

In order to produce accurate pointclouds, survey and mapping professionals must pair their LiDAR devices with an INS for best position and orientation data.  However, many factors can affect the quality of a point cloud. These include:

  • Position accuracy of the INS
  • Orientation angles accuracy of the INS
  • Boresight alignment between the INS and the LiDAR
  • Mounting angle of the LiDAR
  • Range accuracy of the LiDAR
  • RPM rate and angular resolution of the LiDAR
  • Distance from targets
  • Speed of travel

Join Sam Souliman, Senior Support Engineer at OxTS, when he will discuss the impact of each parameter on the final quality of the point cloud, and provide suggestions to improve the outcome, or mitigate the impact, of each parameter.


Support from OxTS


We ran this session several times throughout May 2020, to enable our global audience to attend when most convenient for them.

If you missed this session, you can watch a recording via this link.


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