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Webinar: How to collect accurate groundtruth data for real world ADAS validation

Webinars February 29, 2024 Online

Robust localisation – whether on highways, in cities, through tunnels and everywhere in between – is key to real-world ADAS validation. When implemented across your test vehicle fleet, you can see where each vehicle in your fleet was when an ADAS feature activated, and exactly how it behaved as a result.

Join OxTS Product Manager Jamie Birch, as he discusses the pivotal role of precise localisation in real-world ADAS testing and factors to consider when aiming to cost-effectively scale accuracy across your test vehicle fleet.

During the webinar, Jamie will discuss:

  • The importance of robust localisation in effective open-road ADAS validation.
  • The practical factors to consider when choosing your localisation solution.
  • Example data of common real-world ADAS validation settings.

This webinar has now concluded. To watch the recording, follow the link below.


Watch Recording

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