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Webinar: How to get the best results in difficult and GNSS-denied environments, utilising Generic Aiding

Webinars May 12, 2022 Webinar

Webinar GNSS Iain ClarkeOn Thursday, 12th May 2022, OxTS Senior Product Engineer, Iain Clarke discussed the challenges of achieving accurate data in limited-GNSS environments.

Navigation is challenging in conditions where satellite signals may be temporarily lost, such as in cities, through tunnels, and under bridges; or completely blocked such as indoors.

However generic aiding enables customers to measure with confidence, and navigate anywhere by combining external sensor data with inertial measurements. The results of which speak for themselves.

During the webinar, Iain spoke about the OxTS’ Generic Aiding Data (GAD) interface, as well as supporting technologies like ROS 2GAD and Pozyx 2GAD. He also provided real-world examples of the technology being used for indoor applications.

This webinar has now ended, however you can watch a recording here.


Watch the Recording


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