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Webinar: Mastering precision – Harnessing LiDAR to aid navigation and conquer position drift!

Webinars August 30, 2023 Online

To obtain consistently accurate position data, an INS has always relied on GNSS. However, in built up areas, such as urban canyons, it can be difficult to receive uninterrupted GNSS signal…and when GNSS signal disappears, position drift appears!

Taking advantage of OxTS’ sensor fusion expertise, OxTS LIO uses LiDAR to combat the effects of position drift in typically difficult GNSS environments.

As part of the LIO development phase, we collected data in both Munich and London, using an OxTS INS and a LiDAR sensor.

At 14:00 hrs (BST) on Wednesday, 30th August, join OxTS Application Engineer, Jacob Amacker, and Support Engineer, Tim Fyffe, to learn more about what effect LIO had on the data…we’ll give you a hint…it’s good!

By joining the webinar, you will learn more about:

  • The results of the data collection
  • How effective LIO was in constraining drift in both Munich and London
  • The hardware and software components required to take advantage of LIO

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