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Find the right localisation solution for you

Robust enough for your operational design domain.
Scalable enough for every platform you build.

Cost-effective accuracy

Most of our customers first find us when searching for a way to achieve more accurate navigation data in more places, and in bigger volumes than their current setup or budget allows.

At OxTS, that’s been our focus for over 25 years. Rather than use expensive sensors, like Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) or Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLG), we’ve always opted to develop advanced sensor fusion algorithms and sophisticated calibration techniques to squeeze the necessary performance out of more economical, smaller and lighter sensors.

The result is a more commercially-viable range of options that can be deployed at scale.

Explore the range of OxTS inertial navigation systems

Every OxTS GNSS/INS provides accurate position, orientation and dynamics measurements in real-time at up to 250 Hz.

While each model offers a unique set of specifications and characteristics, they all:

  • Leverage an OxTS inertial measurement unit and dual-antenna RTK GNSS capability (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou).
  • Can be shipped internationally without requiring an export licence; they are ITAR-free.
  • Qualify for free-of-charge support from the OxTS Support team.
  • Are engineered and manufactured at our global headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK.

Click on any of the models below to find out more about what they would bring to your project.

RT3000 v4

For when where matters most

Learn more

RT3000 v4 DO-160

RT3000 v4 accuracy in an aerospace-ready, DO-160-certified enclosure.

Learn more

RT1003 v2

Ready for challenging GNSS environments

Learn more

xRED3000 – OEM board

for when competitive advantage matters

Learn more


Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and Serial)

Learn more


Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and CAN)

Learn more

Software Applications

Our range of software solutions help OxTS INS users to get the most of of their INS.

When a user purchases an INS from OxTS, they receive the NAVsuite application software free of charge. NAVsuite allows a user to configure, monitor, post-process and analyse their INS data.


Configure, monitor and post-process with ease.

Learn more

RT-Range Suite

Supporting ADAS engineers with V2L and V2V scenario testing.

Learn more

OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

Create clear and concise pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer

Learn more

Applications for automation

Creating automated, ‘no-touch’ solutions.

Learn more

LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO)

Fuse LiDAR and OxTS INS data in post-processing and significantly reduce position drift in urban environments

Learn more

Generic Aiding Data (GAD) Interface

Sophisticated sensor fusion. Made simple.

Learn more


Using over 25 years of experience working with our INS customers, we have developed a number of accessories to ensure you’re able to use our devices effectively – whatever your use case.


INS mounting system for vehicles

Learn more

Dual Antenna Roof Mount

Rigid pre-set antenna mount with built-in ground planes

Learn more

RT-Base S

A portable and weatherproof base station for GNSS corrections.

Learn more


Reliable long range WiFi communication between vehicles

Learn more

Survey Trolley

Surveying lanes for RT-Range maps

Learn more


INS mounting system for VRU testing

Learn more


Small GNSS base station for RTK applications

Learn more

Boresight Calibration Targets

Strong and durable retroreflective targets for use with the boresight calibration tool

Learn more
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