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OxTS NAVsuite 3.3
is now available!

Company News November 9, 2021

OxTS NAVsuite version 3.3 is now available.

New user experience enhancements with the launch of NAVsuite 3.3.

Version 3.3 includes the addition of two new important updates aimed at enhancing the overall user experience for OxTS NAVsuite users. The latest version includes a new PTP Graphical User Interface (GUI), RINEX 3 support and a number of other updates that improve the overall usability of the software.


What is NAVsuite?

OxTS NAVsuite software allows users of OxTS Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) to configure, monitor, post-process and analyse their data. The software is a complimentary addition to every OxTS INS.

The software suite includes 5 key applications:

      1. NAVconfig allows users to configure their INS to ensure they get the best possible data.
      2. NAVdisplay enables OxTS INS customers to ‘see what their INS is seeing’, and monitor their data in real time.
      3. NAVsolve customers use the application to quickly and easily post-process their data.
      4. NAVgraph allows users of OxTS INS devices to read and analyse data in graphical form. Ideal for troubleshooting.
      5. NAVbase customers can configure their RT-Base S or a GPS-Base and check the status of their base station, the number of satellites it can see and consequently its known position.
                           NAVconfig                                 NAVdisplay                                  NAVsolve                                  NAVgraph

NAVconfig  NAVdisplay  NAVsolve  NAVgraph


“We’ve seen multiple times that OxTS devices have similar or slightly lower specs compared with some other INS devices. However, in the real world we get the on-spec performance only from OxTS. The devices exceed what’s on paper, especially with the help of the powerful NAVsuite software tool box that they come with

Marek Alliksoo, CEO, SKYCORP OÜ


What's new in version 3.3?

PTP Graphical User Interface (GUI)

OxTS INS devices utilise Precision Time Protocol (PTP). PTP allows for simple set-up over ethernet with compatible devices.

Version 3.3 of NAVsuite includes a PTP GUI in a dedicated tab within NAVconfig. The new PTP GUI makes it easier for users to configure PTP settings.

This new addition further speeds up test or survey set-up time allowing users to focus more of their time on producing the best possible data.


RINEX 3 support

Keeping up to date with continually changing GNSS technology is imperative. NAVsuite 3.3 addresses one of the key technology changes in recent times by adding support for RINEX 3.

With RINEX 2 now end-of-life a number of base stations now only support RINEX 3. This update to NAVsuite means that users of OxTS devices will be able to use corrections from a higher number of stations.

OxTS NAVsuite for Survey and Mapping

Interested in using NAVsuite for Survey and Mapping?

NAVsuite is OxTS’ complimentary suite of software applications that help OxTS INS users configure, monitor, post-process and analyse their testing and survey data.

NAVsuite can be used within automotive and ADAS testing environments as well as for survey and mapping projects where customers need precise position and inertial measurements.

To find out more about using NAVsuite in a survey and mapping environment read our NAVsuite for survey and mapping guide.


Read Guide

Want to learn more about NAVsuite 3.3?

If you want to learn more about NAVsuite 3.3 and the software that guides our INS technology then watch the complimentary NAVsuite 3.3 webinar!

During the webinar which took place earlier this year OxTS Product Engineer Robert Gough gave users a unique insight into the applications within NAVsuite and explained what the updates in version 3.3 mean for customers.

By watching the webinar, you will learn more about:

  • What’s included within NAVsuite
  • Configuring, monitoring, post-processing and analysing your INS data
  • How the new features included with version 3.3 can support your projects

The webinar is free to attend.


Watch the Recording

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Contact OxTS

Contact us to discuss using NAVsuite alongside one of our Inertial Navigation Systems.


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Alternatively, if you’re already a NAVsuite user you can download the latest version here.


  Download NAVsuite


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