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RT-Range Hunter (RT3000 v3 inside)

Multiple target ADAS measurement solution

Used for global NCAP, IIHS and NHTSA tests.
Creates a real-time network tracking multiple targets.
Measures range, orientation and relative motion.
Model targets as multi-point polygons.
Preferred by driving robot manufacturers.

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Single-box solution for ADAS testing

The recent integration of the RT-Range Hunter processing engine within the RT3000 v3 unit itself represents a significant step forward in terms of time-saving simplicity functionality. With ADAS engineers under constant pressure to perform increasingly complex tests on time and with minimal fuss, the RT3000 v3’s built-in relative positioning technology now offers a single-box solution to multi-target range processing and objective validation to global NCAP and NHTSA standards.

The next-generation RT’s one-box design incorporates all of the RT-Range Hunter functionality while reducing set-up and configuration time and saving both space and weight in the vehicle under test. An array of connectivity options, including three ethernet ports, stndard CAN 2.0 and a new CAN-FD interface, allow for driving robot support when required and the real-time display and fast and easy logging of data.

Open-road ADAS testing is now made even easier still thanks to the next-generation RT’s on-board NTRIP client. This simplifies set-up and configuration by removing the need to connect an external device and app when using NTRIP RTK differential corrections during public road tests or when an RTK base station is impractical or unavailable.

Upgrading the new RT3000 v3 to full RT-Range Hunter functionality is as simple as adding an additional software feature code.

Objective validation to global NCAP standards

The RT-Range Hunter processor turns the vehicle dynamics measurements captured by the RT to process the range, orientation and relative motion of multiple vehicles. The RT-Range functionality is used globally for objective validation of camera, radar and LiDAR sensors as well as ADAS testing for braking, lane departure warning and collision avoidance systems.

Vehicle-to-target and lane position measurements

The RT-Range Hunter can be used for accurate measurement of the relative motion and range of up to four target vehicles from a vehicle under test (VuT) or Hunter. Vehicle-to-vehicle measurements are computed over a 1 km range. The system can also precisely measure position relative to lane markings and up to 60,000 surveyed feature points e.g. traffic signals. Measurements are displayed in real-time and output over CAN in the Hunter vehicle.

Measure range to four targets simultaneously

The RT-Range Hunter creates a real-time network capable of tracking up to four targets and calculating distance, time to collision and other relative measurements in real-time. Targets can be vehicles, soft targets, pedestrian dummies or nearby objects.

Measure closest point and visibility of targets

Plot the outline of hunter and target vehicles to create polygons of up to 24 points. The RT-Range Hunter automatically calculates range measurements between the nearest polygon points and visibility of targets – features designed to support park-assist and collision avoidance testing.

Preferred system for driving robot manufacturers

Dedicated AB Dynamics driving robot interface for maximum reliability, unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.

Open-road ADAS testing

Receive DGPS corrections via NTRIP for testing on public roads.

Car-to-pedestrian testing

Use the RT-Backpack accessory for a complete turnkey target system in a backpack that can be carried by a pedestrian. Capable of tracking the position of pedestrians relative to a moving vehicle.

CAN bus data

The RT-Range Hunter has a real-time CAN display and logging capability. Log CAN data to one file from multiple vehicles in seconds

Latest functionality

Cover all angles of ADAS sensor validation. Position, range and field of view for up to 12 sensors on your test vehicle. Find out more…


Euro NCAP AEB City, Inter-Urban

Euro NCAP AEB VRU, cyclist, pedestrian

NHTSA FCW 1,2, 3

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Park Assist and back-up aid

Intelligent Headlight Validation

Traffic sign recognition

Open road ADAS testing

Driving Robot ADAS testing


RT user manual

RT-Range user manual

RT3000 v3 datasheet


Lateral Distance to Lane
±30 m
0.02 m
Lateral Velocity to Lane
±20 m/s
0.02 m/s
Lateral Acceleration to Lane
±30 m
0.1 m/s²

Longitudinal Range
±200 m
0.03 m
Lateral Range
±20 m
0.03 m
Resulting Range
200 m0.03 m
Longitudinal Range Rate
±50 m/s
0.02 m/s
Lateral Range Rate
±20 m/s
0.02 m/s
Resulting Range Rate
±50 m/s
0.02 m/s
Resulting Yaw Angle


Updated single-box solution

Multiple sensor point validation in real time

V2V and V2X measurements in real time

Up to 1 km range between hunter and targets

Measures closest point and visibility of targets using polygons

Vehicle to lane measurements for LKA testing

Real-time bird’s-eye view of test area

CAN and CAN-FD interface

Driving robot interface

Survey up to 60,000 road assets

Software suite included

Training available

Driving robot interface

Survey up to 60,000 road assets

Software suite included

Training available

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