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Quad-GNSS support is here:
More satellites. More RTK.

Track six or more satellites, more of the time.

1 cm (RTK) position accuracy typically requires direct line of sight to six satellites (and occasionally even more) at any given moment. In urban environments, tall buildings and other obstacles cause the number of visible satellites to fluctuate – often below this threshold.

By adding Galileo and BeiDou to your existing GPS and GLONASS device, you’ll mitigate the impact of these fluctuations, keeping you in RTK for longer.

More satellites. More RTK.

Quad-GNSS urban canyon-01

Quad-GNSS Birmingham

24% more <30 cm position data in Birmingham, UK.

In September 2020, OxTS conducted two real-world tests – one in Birmingham, UK and one in Detroit, US – to assess the impact of adding Galileo and BeiDou constellation support to a GPS and GLONASS RT3000 v3.

In Detroit, US, the RT3000 v3 collected 15.46% more data with
<30 cm accuracy (94.53% vs 81.87%). In Birmingham, UK, this increase was even higher at 24.54% (85.47% vs 68.63%).


On-demand webinar:

Join Pete Rylands, Product Manager at OxTS, as he discusses what the introduction of quad-GNSS means for you.

After attending this session, you will:
1. Understand the performance benefits of upgrading to your device
2. Be familiar with the upgrade process
3. Have specific answers to any questions you have

Survey and mapping focus:
Watch now >>

Automotive focus:
Watch now >> 

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How do I upgrade?


(GPS, GLONASS + Galileo and BeiDou)

OxTS RT3000 from the inertial navigation experts            OxTS Survey+ v3

RT3000 v3                           Survey+ v3


(GPS, GLONASS + Galileo or BeiDou)

RT3000 v2


To begin your upgrade, we recommend you register your interest here.


You will receive a confirmation email that your details have been passed onto your local OxTS distribution partner who will contact you within 1 working day.


Your local OxTS Distribution Partner will contact you using the details you provide, to further discuss your upgrade requirements.

They will also be able to answer any further questions you have regarding the upgrade, or your wider OxTS solution(s).


You will then receive a quote to meet your upgrade requirements, for your approval.


Your local OxTS representative will then provide you with the files and support you need to complete the upgrade remotely; including NAVsuite 3.0.

This process means that you are not without your OxTS device for any period of time.

More satellites. More RTK.

Upgrade to quad-GNSS

More satellites. More RTK.

To begin your upgrade, please submit your contact details and your local OxTS distribution partner will be in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to

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