RT-Strut, Fast Car Installation Kit

RT-StrutThe RT-Strut is a fast car mounting system for the Inertial+ and RT families of Inertial and GPS Navigation Systems. Using the RT-Strut the RT systems can be mounted securely in most cars in minutes.

The RT-Strut wedges between the floor and the roof of the car, normally in front of the back seat and across the transmission tunnel. A built-in spring provides the necessary force required to keep the RT-Strut in place. A lever is used to release and engage the spring. Wide feet at the bottom of the RT-Strut ensure excellent yaw rigidity.

The RT-Strut uses a carbon fibre Pole for an extremely stiff yet lightweight design.

Fits between floor and roof
Fast Installation - minutes
Very fast vehicle to vehicle
Light-weight, 3.7kg
Adjustable Height 0.8m to 1.4m
Extended Version for 1.5m to 2.4m
Excellent Yaw Stiffness
Fit Legs to Pole
Fit Brackets
Fit RT unit
Pull Lever to compress spring
Fit in vehicle
Extend Pole to roof
Release Spring
RT-Strut User Manual