Vehicle Dynamics

Accurately and reliably capturing vehicle dynamics measurements can be stressful. Not only does the measurement system need to be accurate, its data needs to be repeatable, with low latency and a high update rate. It also needs to interface with other acquisition systems.

OxTS inertial navigation systems have an established track record when it comes to solving these problems. Our one-box solutions seamlessly blend GNSS and inertial measurements to provide position, slip angle, orientation, velocity and acceleration at up to 250 Hz. They provide excellent accuracy and most importantly, repeatability. As well as storing data internally, our automotive products also interface via CAN and Ethernet. Each system can also be configured to displace its measurements, removing the need to mount the sensor at the required measurement point and reducing the installation time.

Why choose oxts

  • Low latency, high update rate fills the blanks in high dynamic movements
  • Accurate slip angle even at low speeds e.g. 50 km/h with dual antenna systems
  • Log external CAN channels to reduce system complexity and hardware clutter
  • Real-time feedback and results via software dashboard with definable test parameters
  • Decades of experience working closely with automotive development customers
  • A range of performance levels to suit budget and applications