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Advanced software-defined platform for autonomous vehicles.


NVIDIA DRIVE® is an autonomous vehicle computing platform, and the basis for next-generation software-defined cars.

With a plug-in developed by OxTS for the NVIDIA DriveWorks middleware and sensor abstraction layer software under DRIVE OS Linux, users of DRIVE can now take full advantage of the highly accurate position and inertial data created by OxTS GNSS/INS devices.


OxTS NVIDIA DRIVE plug-in announcement


The plugin gives DRIVE Linux users access, via DriveWorks, to GNSS and IMU measurements provided by the OxTS INS as groundtruth for localisation validation of sensors and perception stack under test, as well as full vehicle localisation. All data is available over Ethernet in real-time, as well as giving the ability for users to convert NCOM log files into DriveWorks compatible logs to future replay.





The NVIDIA DRIVE ORIN system-on-a-chip serves as the ‘brain’ of an autonomous vehicle and is capable of processing up to 254 trillion operations per second (TOPS). It can be used with a range of sensors including:



Compatible OxTS GNSS/INS devices

All of the sensors on an autonomous vehicle need accurate localisation data from some form of GNSS/INS. Without it, the information they produce is of significantly reduced value. GNSS/INS devices provide engineers with vehicle position, heading, pitch/roll, velocity and other useful data. The information is used to both position the vehicle itself, and any sensor the vehicle uses.

The RT3000 v4 GNSS/INS has been tested and validated by NVIDIA as an approved DRIVE AGX ORIN sensor – LEARN MORE



All OxTS devices output OxTS’ NCOM data format, identical to the RT3000 v4, and can be used with the OxTS NVIDIA DRIVE plug-in. Note that the following devices can be used with the plug-in but have not been tested and validated by NVIDIA. Contact OxTS for more information.


RT3000 v3

The INS of choice for the world’s leading automotive companies, suppliers and innovators, the RT3000 v3 provides test engineers with a “ground truth” when measuring the position, orientation and dynamics of a vehicle – LEARN MORE


RT1003 v2

Featuring GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou aiding, as well as the latest OxTS IMU technology, the RT1003 v2 is the cost-effective option for capturing accurate position, orientation and dynamics data in all but the harshest GNSS environments – LEARN MORE



Compact GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for precision localisation in autonomous applications – LEARN MORE

RT3000 v4 Datasheet

The RT3000 v4 is OxTS’ latest, state-of-the-art GNSS/INS. It combines survey-grade GNSS receivers with OxTS’ latest IMU10 sensor technology for ultimate localisation data.

In the absense of GNSS, the RT3000 v4 works seamlessly alongside other OxTS software solutions to ensure uninterrupted position in even the most difficult environments.


RT3000 v4


For more information about how you can use OxTS GNSS/INS devices alongside the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform, contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.


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