GPS-Base Small GNSS base station for RTK applications

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Small GNSS base station for RTK applications

The GPS-Base is a small GNSS base station that provides RTK corrections to one or more differential enabled GNSS receivers via radio modem. Correction data can also be logged to a PC when connected.

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GNSS corrections in real-time

The GPS-Base calculates and then transmits differential corrections to local GNSS receivers. Differential corrections are used by the GNSS receiver in INS+GNSS products to achieve centimetre level accuracy. Corrections are sent to the GNSS/INS via radio modem for use in real-time, but can also be output to a local PC and stored for use in post-processing.

Start measuring in minutes

To start broadcasting differential corrections simply attach the antenna, modem and a power source and the GPS-Base will do the rest. The position used by the GPS-Base can be averaged over a period of time, loaded from a file or specified directly.

Raw data logging

Our free PC software can log the raw GPS data to a file on the PC’s hard disk. This can then be used for post-processing GPS data at a later time.

Multipath rejection

The GPS-Base uses Pulse-Aperture Correlator Technology to minimise the effects of multipath. The GPS-700 Pin-Wheel Technology Antenna includes a ground-plane to minimise ground surface multipath and reflections.

Correction types

By default the GPS-Base uses the RTCA standard for transmitting its differential corrections. It can also be changed to output RTCA2 or RTCMV3.


Survey-grade GNSS receiver

Radio modems included

RTCA, RTCM correction types

Raw data logging on PC


Useful in permanent installations that require RTK corrections

Alternative to RT­‑Base S where IP65 and mobility are not required


GPS-Base user manual

GPS-Base datasheet