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Mobile Mapping

Georeference LiDAR, cameras, and other sensors for ground based mapping.

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Generate accurate and consistent position, orientation and heading

Our systems for mobile mapping seamlessly integrate GNSS with inertial measurements to generate accurate and consistent position, orientation, and heading.

The sensor fusion and tight-coupling allow data to be collected even in poor GNSS environments such as in forests or urban canyons.

Trajectory is recorded at up to 250 Hz and synchronised with LiDAR and other external imaging sensors. Once installed, our systems can be left to operate without needing repeat configuration or maintenance.

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Our INS solutions for mobile mapping deliver tightly-coupled GNSS and INS and support integrations with LiDAR OEMs including Velodyne, Z&F and Riegl.

Each of our INS solutions comes with our free comprehensive NAVsoftware suite enabling a range of key functionalities including post-processing with technical support and integration guidance, custom developments offered and flexible and upgradeable product options also available.

Survey+ v3

Our flagship INS for land-based mobile mapping and manned aircraft mapping

Featuring high-performance MEMS IMU sensors and Survey grade GNSS receivers

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xNAV v3

The high performance, lightweight, INS for drone and UAV

Size and weight constraints are no obstacle with our xNAV v3 INS

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Download the OxTS LiDAR surveying brochure

OxTS inertial navigation systems provide end users with absolute position and highly accurate inertial measurement information. This information allows them to georeference pointclouds from multiple LiDAR sensors.

These measurements help increase survey repeatability, cut down the time to survey, intelligently analyse data, improve final results and increase project ROI.

Read the OxTS LiDAR Surveying brochure to find out more.

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Inertial Navigation Software

Our software solutions support the use of OxTS products delivering key functionality including configuration, data display, analysis and manipulation as well as post-processing.

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