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OxTS GNSS/INS rentals

Sometimes you just need a bit of extra capacity, or a tool for a certain job.

Services January 24, 2024

When a capital purchase isn’t an option, rent.

If you need a bit of extra capacity or a tool with a little more accuracy for a one-off project, you can flex to get the job done with accurate position, orientation and dynamics data from a rental OxTS GNSS/INS. 


All OxTS GNSS/INS devices are available to rent, including the new RT3000 v4, and can be delivered to you quickly without the need to obtain capital purchase approval.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of renting an OxTS GNSS/INS, please complete the form below and an OxTS representative will be in touch.

Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, please use the OxTS GmbH rental portal to request your device. To learn more about the service for GmbH customers, you can watch the recorded webinar here – OxTS GmbH Rental Services (please note this webinar is presented in German).


The rental process...

1. Enquiry

Complete the OxTS rental form and an OxTS representative will be in touch to discuss your project.

Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can request a device through the OxTS GmbH online booking portal.

2. Agree a solution

Decide which OxTS GNSS/INS best fits your project requirements.

3. Confirm duration of rental

Agree a timeframe for the rental that will enable you to complete all of the required project testing.

4. Quote

An OxTS representative will provide you with a quote to rent your chosen device for the duration you need.

5. Confirm order

Confirm the order with your OxTS representative who will then make the necessary arrangements for you to receive your OxTS GNSS/INS device.

6. Delivery

OxTS will communicate with you an expected delivery timeframe for your rental order.

Please consider the time taken to deliver the OxTS device.

Request a device to rent.

Complete the form below and a member of the OxTS team will be in touch to discuss your OxTS GNSS/INS device rental requirements.

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