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ADAS Testing

High-spec, reliable, flexible testing for ADAS applications, and industry-leading V2L and V2V testing.

Test ADAS Applications with our ADAS testing system

Whether you’re developing your sensor technology or trying to demonstrate compliance with passive and active safety standards, the volume and breadth of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) testing you need to complete is growing. In that environment, reliability and repeatability are vital in your ADAS testing system, to get the most out of your testing time.

To achieve all that, the localisation element in your ADAS testing solution needs to give you precise and highly accurate data on all the vehicles or targets in a test scenario – even robotic and autonomous driving platforms.

OxTS has been the preferred ADAS testing system in the automotive industry for nearly 20 years. Our inertial navigation system technology and RT-Range solution is used widely by Euro NCAP and NHTSA test labs for benchmarking, and is packed with features and integrations that give you the flexibility to collect and record data in any ADAS test scenario.


Our Four-Part ADAS Testing System

OxTS GNSS/INS ADAS Testing Tools

OxTS ADAS vehicle testing products give you a comprehensive list of highly accurate relative measurements between moving vehicles. As well as real-time kinematic (RTK) feedback, results are available via a software dashboard with definable test parameters. All measurements are brought together on a network and are output over CAN, Serial or Ethernet.

OxTS ADAS testing systems are a preferred inertial navigation system of driving robot manufacturers, as well as providing you with reliability on proving grounds and the open road.

Using OxTS GNSS/INS devices means you are using the same systems specified in their test requirements by Euro NCAP, NHTSA and others, providing additional confidence in results consistency.

RT3000 v4

For when where matters most

Learn more

RT1003 v2

Ready for challenging GNSS environments

Learn more


Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and CAN)

Learn more


Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and Serial)

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Software Applications for ADAS Vehicle Testing

OxTS GNSS/INS are supplemented by a range of ADAS testing software tools to help you both configure and manage your devices and to facilitate communication between your GNSS/INS and other sensors in your payload, making it the ideal Advanced Driver Assistance System testing software.



NAVsuite is a complimentary set of software applications that is included with every purchase of an OxTS GNSS/INS. The software allows you to:

+ Configure your OxTS GNSS/INS.

+ Monitor the navigation data from your GNSS/INS in real time.

+ Enhance your real-time test data, in post-process, with an automated command line tool.

+ Plot, analyse and export your test data.


RT-Range Suite gives you all the tools needed to create ADAS test scenarios, monitor the data in real time, and post-process it to give you all the information you need to be compliant with Euro NCAP, IIHS, and other testing standards.

Independently configure up to 12 sensors on your vehicle, and monitor four moving and/or fixed targets, to run complex scenarios in real time.

View data in real time, including hunter and target vehicle positions and how they interact with your targets. Record data internally, or output via CAN and ethernet in real time for external logging.

Create outlines of objects, vehicles and targets using 24 measurable points for deep insight into tests.

OxTS NVIDIA DRIVE plug-in announcement



The NVIDIA DRIVE® NCOM plug-in is a tool developed by OxTS that gives DRIVE Linux users access, via DriveWorks, to GNSS and IMU measurements provided by the RT3000 v4 GNSS/INS. The data is used as a groundtruth for localisation validation of sensors and perception stack under test, as well as full vehicle localisation. It is the ideal plugin to add to your ADAS testing software stack.

+ All data available over Ethernet in real-time

+ Convert NCOM log files into DriveWorks compatible logs to future replay

+ Combine the most advanced automotive AI platform with industry-leading localisation accuracy and scalability

Learn more about the NVIDIA DRIVE NCOM Plug-in or for a full list of compatible sensors visit the NVIDIA DRIVE supported sensor page.

Want to use the plug-in for your ADAS vehicle testing project? Then contact us today!

*Other OxTS devices that output OxTS’ proprietary data format NCOM can be used with the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. These however have not been tested or validated by NVIDIA.

Standard GNSS/INS Features

All OxTS GNSS/INS devices come pre-loaded with a number of important features as standard. Whichever device you choose for your ADAS testing, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

+ Dual antenna RTK capability – achieve high-accuracy position, orientation and dynamics data, even at low speeds.

+ Built-in NTRIP client – easily access real-time corrections for precise data collection.

+ CAN output – export data in real time via the CAN bus for ease of integration with the rest of your ADAS testing system.

+ ITAR-free hardware – streamline administration overheads when your hardware needs to be shipped overseas.

+ Free-of-charge support – every OxTS INS qualifies for complimentary support from our teams in the UK, USA, Germany and China.

Optional ADAS Testing Features

ADAS testing requires specialist features for tracking both static and moving targets relative to the vehicle under test. The following optional features are all included in the ADAS feature bundle:

+ gx/ix tight-coupling – speed up RTK reacquisition after transient but complete GNSS outage meaning more accurate navigation data for longer (see example below).

+ CAN acquisition – log data to your GNSS/INS from other sensors (including your ADAS sensors) via the CAN bus for an even simpler ADAS setup.

+ Acceleration filters – remove unwanted noise from your measurements to improve data quality.

+ Network differential corrections – achieve RTK GNSS accuracy for every moving object by transmitting differential corrections over UDP.

+ Robot interface – communicate with driving robots from a range of manufacturers (available on RT-Range with AB Dynamics bundle).

GNSS Only vs INS with gx/ix

gx/ix tight-coupling technology is an advanced GNSS processing engine and GNSS/IMU tight-coupling for enhanced urban performance in real-time and post-process.

The image comparison above shows the improvement in position data when using an OxTS GNSS/INS with gx/ix enabled vs a GNSS-only solution. Move the slider and see for yourself!


OxTS GNSS/INS ADAS Testing Accessories


INS mounting system for vehicles

Learn more

Dual Antenna Roof Mount

Rigid pre-set antenna mount with built-in ground planes

Learn more

RT-Base S

A portable and weatherproof base station for GNSS corrections.

Learn more


Reliable long range WiFi communication between vehicles

Learn more

Survey Trolley

Surveying lanes for RT-Range maps

Learn more


INS mounting system for VRU testing

Learn more


Small GNSS base station for RTK applications

Learn more

Boresight Calibration Targets

Strong and durable retroreflective targets for use with the boresight calibration tool

Learn more

Solution Brief:
Building an ADAS Testing System

If you’d like to learn more about how to build a best-in-class ADAS testing solution, including key considerations for your project, click below to download our solution brief.

Read the solution brief to learn how you can use OxTS INS devices to take ADAS feature testing to new heights.


Want an accurate, reliable GNSS/INS for ADAS feature testing?

GNSS/INS ADAS Testing Systems in action - demonstrating junction tests at Asta Zero AB

Trusted by Euro NCAP

OxTS RT-Range onboard the RT3000

Collect real-time relative position, orientation, and dynamics measurements between your vehicle under test and a network of static and moving targets.

  • Preferred INS of driving robot and platform manufacturers
  • Brings all data together in one vehicle on the CAN bus
  • Used widely by Euro NCAP and NHTSA test labs for vehicle safety rating and benchmarking
  • Can be easily integrated with your Acquisition System whilst offering standalone tools for analysis too
  • Measure the closest point between vehicles/targets using a polygon tool needed for Euro NCAP
  • Collect reference data for sensor field of view and target visibility – recommended for junction-assist testing

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