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ADAS Testing and Validation

Objective validation of ADAS and CAV technologies to global NCAP, NHTSA and IIHS standards

Validate ADAS and AV performance with confidence

OxTS RT-Range onboard the RT3000 v3

Collect real-time relative position, orientation, and dynamics measurements between your vehicle under test and a network of static and moving targets.

  • Preferred INS of driving robot and platform manufacturers
  • Brings all data together in one vehicle on the CAN bus
  • Used widely by Euro NCAP and NHTSA test labs for vehicle safety rating and benchmarking
  • Can be easily integrated with your Acquisition System whilst offering standalone tools for analysis too
  • Measure the closest point between vehicles/targets using a polygon tool needed for Euro NCAP
  • Collect reference data for sensor field of view and target visibility – recommended for junction-assist testing

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OxTS products give you a comprehensive list of relative measurements between moving vehicles.

As well as real-time feedback, results are available via software dashboard with definable test parameters. All measurements are brought together on a network and are output over CAN, Serial or Ethernet.

OxTS systems are a preferred inertial navigation system of driving robot manufacturers, as well as providing you with reliability on proving grounds and the open road.

Using OxTS units means you are using the same systems specified in their test requirements by NCAP, NHTSA and others, providing additional confidence in results consistency.

RT3000 v4

For when where matters most

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RT1003 v2

Ready for challenging GNSS environments

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Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-lane testing capability on the RT3000 v3

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LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO)

Fuse LiDAR and OxTS INS data in post-processing and significantly reduce position drift in urban environments

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Reliable long range WiFi communication between vehicles

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Survey Trolley

Surveying lanes for RT-Range maps

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Dual Antenna Roof Mount

Rigid pre-set antenna mount with built-in ground planes

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Solution Brief:
Open-road Vehicle Testing

GNSS signal dropout can make it challenging for ADAS test engineers to collect data in urban environments. Packed full of features to help increase the amount of time spent with usable data, OxTS INS devices can help.

Read the solution brief to learn how you can use OxTS INS devices to take open-road data collection to new heights.


Application Guides

Products in action - demonstrating junction tests at Asta Zero AB

Trusted by Euro NCAP

View more videos

We’ve uploaded more videos to our YouTube channel, covering many of the protocols specified by Euro NCAP for Active Safety Testing.

Watch them here.

Software and plugins

Our software solutions support the use of OxTS products delivering key functionality including configuration, data display, analysis and troubleshooting as well as post-processing.

What's more, OxTS devices are compatible with leading Data Acqusition systems including Dewesoft, Dewetron and Vector.

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