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Indoor testing

Enhance accuracy in a GNSS-denied space using Pozyx ultra-wideband (UWB) as an aiding source

No satellites? No problem.

Capture accurate position, orientation and dynamics data, in a GNSS-denied space, with OxTS’ Pozyx 2GAD (to Generic Aiding Data) solution.

OxTS’ Pozyx 2GAD solution enables ultra-wideband
(UWB), from OxTS technology partner Pozyx, to aid your OxTS INS in an area where GNSS is not available.

A network of static ‘anchors’, installed around the test area, play the role of the GNSS satellites. Tags, fixed to the test vehicle’s exterior, take on the role of GNSS antenna; passing through position updates as the vehicle moves freely around the test area.

“The result is a solution that assures the necessary safety, accuracy and repeatability to begin validating AVP systems with confidence”
Ashley Patton, Lead CAV Test Engineer at HORIBA MIRA.

Car in car park


On Tuesday 30th March 2021, OxTS delivered its first indoor positioning solution to HORIBA MIRA’s new ASSURED CAV Parking facility; a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built multistorey car park for the development and testing of automated valet parking (AVP) and park assist systems.

This case study gives you an in-depth look at the project.

OxTS Horiba Mira case study


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On-demand webinar:

‘Taking testing indoors’ with OxTS and HORIBA MIRA

Join OxTS and HORIBA MIRA for an in-depth discussion and Q&A focussed on the new indoor positioning solution at the ASSURED CAV Parking facility.

Watch now >>

New solution. Same integrations.

Existing integrations with AB Dynamics driving robots work as normal with Pozyx 2GAD.

The output from the RT3000 v3 remains unchanged, delivered at a high data rate (100 Hz or 250 Hz), with low latency, to ensure uninterrupted compatibility with other testing equipment.

Car park facility

Tailored implementation of
proven technology.

Ensure full coverage with a custom installation plan for your
test area.

Our partners at Pozyx will review your floor plan and tell you exactly how many anchors you need, and exactly where to put them, so that you can be confident of the best possible set up

Considering your own indoor testing requirements?

Contact us and tell us about the project.

Together with Pozyx, and your local OxTS channel partner, we are on hand to help you test indoors with confidence.

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