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Survey and Mapping Showroom

Explore the virtual showroom


Visit OxTS and explore survey and mapping applications, products and services without leaving your desk.

Our virtual showroom enables you to easily locate the information most relevant for your project in an interactive, user-friendly environment.

Visitors can explore:

  • The applications we can assist with
  • The use cases for our products
  • Our resources (webinars, industry articles, and more)
  • Our hardware and software products
  • OxTS INS LiDAR integrations
  • INS set-up on a drone (3D model)
  • INS set-up on a car (3D model)


Explore OxTS survey and mapping



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Guided tours

If you’d prefer a guided tour, please contact us and one of our experts will be pleased to arrange a convenient time to show you around.

OxTS Survey and Mapping virtual showroom



Scheduled tours for invited guests

If you already have a pre-arranged meeting or guided tour scheduled, please select the Virtual Showroom number your host has provided to you, and follow the appropriate link below to join your host in the virtual showroom.  Please take care to select the right room to ensure you join the right meeting.




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